Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3d to 2d: capturing shadows with sun art

Sometimes I have a habit of buying crafting supplies without really having a final project in mind.  Or something that  I wasn't expecting shows up in my most recent package from Think Geek.  Woot free </head> glass!  Emergency present stash grows by 1.

Oh hey look, surprise crafting supply!

So I started thinking of things to use it and I've always liked pictures that look like window frames.  So I decided that I'd break my rule of no flowers to go "in" the divided canvass.  & then I found this:

Boom.  Lightshot.

So after reading the ridiculously long description of what the artist did in order to get this picture (seriously, photographing insect wings?) I decided to skip the wings and just use the tape.  Because who has that type of time?

Boom. Lightshot take 2.

Yeah.  Cool stuff.  The canvasses I used had a redic high border and I decided to add an edge border of another set of shadows and cutting them into strips and decoupaging them along the edges.

Boom.  Pretty edges.

So I decided to share the directions on my favorite crafting site Instructables!  If you'd like the full instructions along with other wonderful pictures, here's a link:
Capturing Translucent Shadows