Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick Veggie Dip

Sometimes you find out the day of you're hosting a party.  At moments like that you've got to bust out your best Martha and set a good spread for your guests.

Money is on the potato skins going first

While napkin folding isn't always required, think like the Nationals and keep some clutch players in reserve.  Essentials you say?

Like the guy with the best celebration face.
Luckily you can pull together a great dip with a few things on quick reserve.  Sour cream, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese melted alone makes a good 3 cheese dip.  For more advanced rush orders, it's good to keep packets of "recipe essentials" around that can normally be used to flavor crock pot dishes or instant soups.  These can also very effectively flavor the 3 cheeses mentioned above.  For this dip, I went veggie and barring more time, could have sprinkled in bacon bits.  Because everything's better with bacon bits.

1 cup spinach
1 packet dry veggie mix (I used Knorr's Vegetable Mix)
2 cups of sour cream
2-3 tbsp of dressing (used Bacon Onion Ranch.  Everything's better with bacon)
2 tbsp bacon bits (optional)

Pour the sour cream into a small serving bowl.  The bonus of this recipe is it's also a one-bowl cleanup.  Yes, I know, extra puntos. Add the packet of veggie mix.

If the doorbell rang, stop here
Mix well.  Chop the spinach into fine pieces.  I find it easy to use kitchen shears when cutting up spinach for these types of dishes

You can pick out ones to cut again when they're in the bowl
Mix well.  Add dressing.  After adding the initial amount, you might want to add more for taste purposes.  Don't go over 3 tbsp because it's a complement flavor to the veggies.  If you have to add dressing to your dressing, then you might want to consider queso for your emergency dish

Because veggies taste better with dressing.
Add the bacon bits or other optional things (like finely chopped sunflower seeds) and stir.  Chill for as long as you need; 30 minutes to and hour is great if you have the time.  Otherwise, it works fresh from the kitchen.  Serve with chips and you've got a dish no one would have guessed you just planned out the afternoon of.

Strong Serving Suggestion ;)