Friday, October 3, 2014

USB Pendant Necklace

I'm convinced that whoever was talking about beauty being on the inside was talking about tech.  You can take your sleek aluminum casing, I want to see the guts!  The kelly green background to a swirl of silvers, tans, and flecks of resistor bands.  Look at this and tell me it's not cool:
You know you've seen this in a museum... of computer history
When my handy, dandy 1GB *dies laughing* drive died from being, politely put, "overexposed to adverse conditions", aka living on my keyring for 5+ years, I decided to pry it apart and squeeze just a bit more out of it.  Can USB drives be the next lemon?  You can use the pulp, juice, and zest?

Note: if lemon, do like Meatloaf and get your money back
Of course, you don't have to do this with a dead USB drive.  If you have something special, like some photos, a killer drink recipe, or your super secret spy program, you can also store on this device.  I don't know how it'll stand up to the elements, so make sure you have that drink recipe backed up.  It'd be a shame if the world was deprived of another great way to use gin.  *pours out a glass*

MaterialsUSB drive
2 jump rings - 6mm

Take the casing off the jump drive.  Depending on how much "preconditioning" your drive has been through this could be really easy.  Use a flat head screwdriver or a small awl to get in along the seam if you're having problems.

We're going to loop the jump ring through the underside of the connector so the head is the new top of your pendant.  Make sure your jump ring will fit doing a visual check.

This will make it difficult to use as a drive, but meh, you can still get in by opening the jump ring.  Open and insert through the back loop.  Loop the other jump ring through the first.  This will keep the necklace lying flat.

Enjoy knowing that the beauty is now outside.  Now, go take apart something else to see what you can do with it!