Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cheesy Chicken Taquitos

Sometimes you can have too much a good thing.  Even if that good thing started off in a small package.  After you shredded it into something much larger.
Like this big.
After eating and celebrating and eating some more, there was easily over half of this dip left.  The accompanying pretzel bites however: gone.  Totally gone.  That is truly the testament of how good soft pretzels are.  And it's perfectly possible to have them whenever you want!  I'm raising a glass.

However, the cheese dip has to be handled.  It's still staring at me and taunting a bit.  The spicyness of the cheese just begged for some other reincarnation and I was thinking Mexican.  And taquitos.  Because everyone loves taquitos.  They're the perfect for munching & for bar night part 2.  And it's great to also chew though the left overs in your fridge.

Spicy Cheese Dip, approximately 2 cups or entire recipe from Baked Cheese Dip but Brush Me Pretty
3, 3-4oz chicken breast pieces
10-15 mini tortillas
oil for frying

Cook the chicken!  All the way through.  Might take a bit... frozen over here

Make your cheese dip.  If you've been storing your cheese dip, heat it up now.  Shred the chicken.  I found it easiest to do it with a fork and knife in the bottom of a bowl.

Mix the chicken with the cheese dip.  Spread a bit on one of your tortillas.  I used about this much.

Fold one flap and then the other in a burrito style.  Lightly fry with oil in a skillet.

Test for a light golden brown color on each side.  You want it to be crispy!

I tried using corn tortillas and they kinda fell apart.  As I'm normally into flour, I'd say to stick with them.  Or maybe there's a corn tortilla technique out there.  I'd have to find it to be 100% sure.

Serve and dip into some tasty salsa!  Corn and flour alike.  Cheese and chicken extend beyond their simple containers.


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