Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wooden Crate with Lid

Summer is awesome for a wide variety of reasons.  Most of them being picking/snacking on fresh fruits and veggies, drinking a fresh brew on the patio in the evening, and getting back into my shop because it's no longer a health risk to expose bare flesh.  I'm saying summer because we kinda skipped over that whole spring thing and went right from pollen season to heat season.
Summer is also great for all the different outdoor games that have been unlocked with the arrival of outdoor-tolerable temperatures.  I Kickstarted (that has now officially been made a verb) a game last summer which was really interesting, but unfortunately was contained only by the US Postal Service's large standard shipping box.
Picture of Finishing Touches!
Not anymore!
So my first instinct was to build a proper storage crate for the pieces.  I also wanted a lid, so nothing would get on the game pieces when transporting them places.  And bonus!  I could balance things on the lid like snackage when bringing it to people's houses.
Picture of Wooden Crate with Lid
Fits a 8x8 or 9x13 dish on the top!
It's 12x12x7 so it can hold a lot of stuff.  Actually, whatever you can fit into a USPS Flat Rate Large Box as the interior dimensions are just an inch taller. Head on over to Instructables to see the complete build at Wooden Crate with Lid.


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