Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello Blog!

So as any good host says when they first visit: HTTP 200!  Or for the industrious few who have scrolled back through the myriad (hopefully!  look at me being all high and mighty about my blogging ability hehe) of blog posts to get here.  I'd give you a special prize for getting here mostly because I myself am a completionist and know the power of FIRST!!!11!1!!!

The thing I like the best about the first post is that it has the unique chance to set the direction.  Right now at this very moment, this could go anywhere; maybe become a strict series of highly specified how-tos that essentially double as a resume, a forum for discussion, or out for drinks at a nice restaurant to talk about "feelings".  Before we get too many of these delicious stouts in, I'm going to throw in the first sidebar.

Basically a sidebar is cutting away from something to briefly bring up something else then go back to the normal train of conversation.  (a continue statement about which people are surprisingly bad on the whole.  They never just continue.... faulty coding)  Everyone needs a bit of interjection in their life.  Seriously.  Go about your daily life without any interruptions and you'll realize that unless you're Mike Rowe your life is pretty bland.  Any type of sidebar takes and breaks your monotony by forcing you to veer to address it.  The best part is you can't control it!  Sidebars are going to appear regardless, you can take them and enjoy as either a shot or as a full serving.

This bar specializes in coding, crafting/making, cooking, and traveling (local, domestic, international, over the rainbow, ect).  I was really going for a last "c"-word but the first c-related word that popped into my head for traveling was "commuting" & to get through that you need stuff you can get from those other bars.  For reals.  The other cool thing about sidebars is that they can also appear as helpful pieces of trivia or facts or things you used to not care about but now know & ohmygodit'ssocool!

I'm going to update on a fairly regular basis on as many of these topics as possible without being too "daily".  Because breaking out a sidebar after every statement is what's known as carrying on the conversation.  Or ADD.  On a plus side I'm also winning because it's letting me give back while also making sure my ass is getting kicked out the door to actually have something to write about.  The sidebartender appreciates the tip.  I do want to not be like a ghost town over here; it always makes me sad when I see a blog with few posts.  Like it's a waif waiting to be picked up from the bus stop all the way at the bottom of the hill.  (That one's probably just me.)

So sit back and enjoy those etched glasses (why yes I did make them. ha) and poke around a bit.  I've always got a comment or two that you can use in case of emergencies.


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