Friday, May 6, 2016

NC BBQ Dim Sum: The Menu

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Let's get one thing straight before we keep going here: Eastern NC BBQ is the best on the planet.

For real.  It's the vinegar.  There's nothing better than that tang.  The love of tangy flavors can even be found across the globe in the frequently used rice vinegar of many Asian dishes.  Seems like everyone needs more of that flavor!  And in bite-sized form.  I'm up for a global potluck whenever you are.  Seriously, who's bringing dessert?

I guess that explains the popularity of fusion cuisine.  And the next flavors in the reactor are dim sum and eastern North Carolina style barbecue.  We've got breakfast/brunch + lunch/dinner, with the required dose of vinegar and small dishes.

I'll be breaking these dishes into a few different posts so you don't get overwhelmed by all the different options.  There are a lot of different possibilities for the southern-to-dim-sum conversion.  There might be a few barbecue dishes that appear in multiple forms; I don't think that's a bad thing!  The more the merrier around the table right?  And it definitely increases your chance to grab something you like!

The Starting Menu as shown above:
Eastern NC BBQ Buns
Eastern-Style Cole Slaw Baked Egg Rolls
Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans
Potlikker Soup with Collard Greens Wontons
Banana Pudding Tartlets
Sweet Tea
Cackalacky Cheerwine Sauce - can also sub in the Original


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